<article_content id="A154299"> <para id="A154299P267699"> <img><url>https://media-image1.baydn.com/f42fc0b2c96a5cb881515045b9bb0c5a59fbd43052909a9ee3203f1b3644ee11.png@90Q</url><desc><![CDATA[Clarke (right) with Lemmy and Phil Taylor]]></desc></img> </para> <para id="A154299P267702"> <sent id="A154299P267702S485835"><![CDATA[Eddie Clarke, the last surviving member of Motorhead's classic line-up, has died at the age of 67.]]></sent> </para> <para id="A154299P267705"> <sent id="A154299P267705S485838"><![CDATA[The band's Facebook page announced that the guitarist died in hospital after being admitted with pneumonia.]]></sent> </para> <para id="A154299P267708"> <sent id="A154299P267708S485841"><![CDATA[Clarke, whose nickname was Fast Eddie, played with Ian "Lemmy" Kilmister and Phil "Philthy Animal" Taylor in the heavy metal band between 1976-82.]]></sent> </para> <para id="A154299P267711"> <sent id="A154299P267711S485844"><![CDATA[He played on the first six Motorhead albums, later going on to form Fastway with UFO bassist Peter Way.]]></sent> </para> <para id="A154299P267714"> <sent id="A154299P267714S485847"><![CDATA[The social media statement also contained tributes from later band members including guitarist Phil Campbell.]]></sent> </para> <para id="A154299P267717"> <sent id="A154299P267717S485850"><![CDATA[He said: "Just heard the sad news that Fast Eddie Clarke has passed away.]]></sent> <sent id="A154299P267717S485853"><![CDATA[He will be remembered for his iconic riffs and was a true rock and roller, RIP Eddie."]]></sent> </para> <para id="A154299P267720"> <sent id="A154299P267720S485856"><![CDATA[The band's ex-drummer Mikkey Dee added: "This is terrible news, the last of the three amigos.]]></sent> </para> <para id="A154299P267723"> <sent id="A154299P267723S485859"><![CDATA["I saw Eddie not too long ago and he was in great shape, so this is a complete shock.]]></sent> <sent id="A154299P267723S485862"><![CDATA[I was looking forward to seeing him in the UK this summer.]]></sent> </para> <para id="A154299P267726"> <sent id="A154299P267726S485865"><![CDATA["Now Lem and Philthy can jam with Eddie again and if you listen carefully I'm sure you'll hear them, so watch out!"]]></sent> </para> <para id="A154299P267729"> <img><url>https://media-image1.baydn.com/cea345022dab429f560b36582a4f3d25c85fa9b076057597ed226aba852fc9f5.png@90Q</url><desc><![CDATA[]]></desc></img> </para> <para id="A154299P267732"> <sent id="A154299P267732S485871"><![CDATA[Follow us on Facebook, on Twitter @BBCNewsEnts, or on Instagram at bbcnewsents.]]></sent> <sent id="A154299P267732S485874"><![CDATA[If you have a story suggestion email entertainment.news@bbc.co.uk.]]></sent> </para> </article_content>

Motorhead guitarist 'Fast' Eddie Clarke dies at 67
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